[Northkeep] Library Ren Faire

Tina Michael tinabetta at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 09:18:53 PDT 2008

 Greetings all,

  I am getting geared up for the Faire this weekend, it is my nieces
birthday weekend and they are very excited and looking forward to the
experience. I know that it is from 1PM until 4 PM and I have my directions
to get there but what time should we think about arriving? We don't have
anything we need to set up, I guess we will be mostly just walking around
and looking pretty, what is the library expecting of us? I have a background
in performance and have done characters for the Ren faire and other
attractions in Orlando and don't want to step on any body's toes. We were
planning one breaking out the fairy wings and being cheerful, will that be
OK do you think?? Girls just wanna have fun, ya know??

 Lady Augustina Elizabetta da San Germano
 aka Tina

Any day above ground is a good day!

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