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Adults, too!  Because . . . unless a person breaks out extremely hard, one can continue to catch chicken pox until they DO break out hard!  

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Sorry I sent this to the wrong address because I got in a hurry.  Too 
much to do not enough time in a day.  ;p


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When we got home last night Brie asked us to look at a couple of bug 
bites she had, but when we looked she was broken out with a very bad 
rash. It spread overnight so I took her to the dr this morning. Despite 
having had her vaccinated for chicken pox, it seems she has come down 
with them. NO warning at all, no feeling yucky, no fever, no finding 
out someone around her had them. She is just broken out everywhere with 
them. They don't even look like chicken pox! But they are. So if you 
had children there last night that played with Brie, I'm truly sorry 
she has exposed them. If I had had any clue she would not have been 
there. She apparently found the spots while at school and assumed they 
were bug bites and didn't even say anything at all about it until after 
she was ready for bed. Again I am really sorry but please watch your 
kids for chicken pox, and apparently having the vaccination may not 
keep them from getting them. 
Here's hoping everyone stays healthy! 

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