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I know you did our barony proud! I cant wait to see the tabards, bet you looked great!

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just a note to let the rest of the populace know , that northkeep and ansteorra
were both well represented at calontir's kings company of archers this past
weekend , with 6 archers from northkeep and 1 archer from namron , joining 90
archers from calontir in some of the most challenging tests of skill i've
ever seen a large group of archers attempt. 
a medium clout shoot aprox 100 yrds
a period bulls eye aprox 40 yrds
a castle window shoot aprox 30 yrds
a dice shoot aprox 20 yrds
and unfortunatly the " flock of birds " was cancelled due to on and
off rain delaying the shoots .

but all in all , the 5 person baronial team  ( sam of northkeep , ulrich von
budigen ,cian rhys gravenor , adelaide of northkeep , and arthur blackmoon )
were joined by jason of northkeep , and lawrence of namron for a lot of good
shooting, and a lot of fun.
the team scored 286 points ( high point for each arrow shot was 2 ) for the
event, we were packing during court so we missed the other team scores, but i
have an e-mail in to the the calontir archer general to find out what they were

the 5 man team was also decked out in grand finery  as milady adelaide had made
5 fine looking tabards with the northkeep logo from the baronial web pages for
the team to wear.

be safe , be happy, have fun
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