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It is amazing how much people quietly do that people never find out
til they are gone.  It sounds like it was an excellent service.


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> From Nerak, for those who are interested.
> Kevin
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> Well, I made it through the Air Force Tribute to Starhelm.  Arthur, Bevin
> and I drove to Little Rock, and were joined by my Mother and Brothers who
> flew down from St. Louis.  We were provided with guest quarters in
> 'Apartments' on Base.
> The 'Review' is really a semi-formal military ceremony to honor someone,
> usually a retiree or someone significant being transferred out of the unit.
> SSGT Boelter's military record was read, and several members of his unit
> came forward and told about their memories of Mike.
> I was given a 'funeral' flag neatly folded and in a beautiful triangular
> box, which also included a display of all of his rank insignea from all
> three services, and all his service ribbons (which had been determined by a
> detailed search of his records which Nathan Perry had taken home with him
> from Pennsic).
> So, far about according to what I had figured.  Now come the surprises.
> Presentation to me of Mike's Air Force Commendation Medal.  Eghads.  And a
> small triangular folded flag which had been found in his locker at the unit,
> and members of the unit remembering him having overseas on more than one
> occasion.  That was the "On Behalf of a Grateful Nation" flag.   I managed
> not to lose it.
> Reception line for handshakes, hugs and viewing of some of Mike's stuff=2
> 0
> I had brought.  His fatigues and patches from Viet Nam were really
> outstanding.
> Sunday we got up and headed for home.  And Sunday night, I did it to myself.
>  His dog-tags had been in his locker at the unit, and I unclipped the short
> chain and separated them, intending to put one on my key chain.   As I
> walked away it hit me, the ONLY time tags are separated, is when the wearer
> has died...
> OK, enough.  There have been official services for Mike Boelter, Sir
> Starhelm and SGT Boelter, now I can get back to getting on with my life.
> This week-end, Lark and I are off to Coronation, and in November and
> December events in near the Gulf Coast where we livec early in our marriage.
> PS  Nathan Perry wants to come back to Pennsic - LOL
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