[Northkeep] MEAT!!!!

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They email me a copy of their sale flyer each month is anyone wants to 
know what is on sale and for how much.  I can forward the attachment to 
you if you let me know.  Or you can sign up for their flyers on their 
web site.


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This Saturday from 8am to 2pm National Steak and Poultry will have it's 
sale to the public. The prices are decent and the meats are exellent. 
The only
draw back is they sell by the case only (suppose to be 12-15 lbs each @ 
$1.50 to
$3.75). NSP, if I remember correctly is just north of 76th St N and Hwy 
west of the hwy. Anyway thought some of you you my wish to know and 
advantage of the sale.

The problem with today is; They just will not let you load the boys 
(and girls)
up in the boat and sail down the coast to burn someone's dam village 

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