[Northkeep] OT: Lawn Mower Question

Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Wed Sep 10 19:45:44 PDT 2008

Good job. Good thing you're pretty handy.


Jerry Herring wrote:
> It was a spring on what I am guessing is an auto choke/throttle. A 
> piece under the manifold for the air filter. Not having taken the 
> mower that far apart the first time when I replace the filter. After 
> people tried to tell me about the choke and fuel mixture bolts (none 
> of which our mower has) I tore into the thing a little further and 
> found the broken part. It does seem to use a little more gas now but 
> man it mows like it was new again. The spring , one of pair, provided 
> tension on a little lever that when the mower was running the more it 
> was moved in one direction the faster it ran, anyway the little loop 
> on the end of the spring was broken. I just stretched it back into 
> place and cinched it into a new loop on to the little bracket where 
> its other piece was clinging. After I put the pieces all back into 
> place (wah-lah) it runs better than before.
> Kindly,
> Jerry 

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