[Northkeep] Medieval Fair/Thank You!

Shell Atwood shell.atwood at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 11:35:27 PDT 2009

Another fair has come and gone and, despite what Mother Nature threw our
way, was very successful.  To each fighter that took the field, each artisan
who displayed and demonstrated their skills, to those who put so much time
and effort into extraordinary displays in Living History and Martial Arts,
and to our dancers and drummers, thank you for bringing history to life for
ourselves and for the patrons of the fair.


Thank you Hatur, Gaelan, the hospitality staff and the populace for
donations. Tavern was wonderful all weekend, but most especially on Sunday
when you made the best of a rough situation and still kept the hot food and
drink coming!


Many thanks to Cat and Jacqueline for preparing and hosting the Saturday
revel.  There were many comments that it was the best fair revel ever.  And
thank you to everyone who helped with cooking, setup and clean up.


Thank you Liliana for bringing youth boffer to fair.  It was a huge hit and
raised a goodly amount of interest in boffer and in the SCA in general!


I couldn't possibly remember, and I'm sure I didn't see everyone, but to all
who spend hour upon hour out in the sun and wind - Kheoniia, Adalia and the
waterbearers for keeping the fighters on their feet; Adena, Danielle,
Kajira, Kyna and all those who walked the lanes;  Nico, Aonghas, Vincenti,
Margherita, Baldo, and all who spend their days out in front of the Embassy
sharing information and answering questions about the SCA - thank you!


Special thanks to all who stayed out on Sunday and demonstrated what the SCA
is all about despite the weather, and to all those who helped setup and
break down camp.  It could have easily been a nightmare striking camp in the
wind and cold, but you made it fast and actually fun!


And, of course, special thanks to their Stellar Majesties for joining us at
the fair and on the field.


And personal thanks to Wolfgang and Chris for teaching me so much about how
the SCA compound at the fair is setup and run, and made my first fair with
the SCA so wonderful.




For the Medieval Fair Task Force

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