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I'm glad to see this for free download. Fox-Davies is indeed an 
excellent STARTING reference, full of beautiful heraldic art. Just 
remember that Fox-Davies is far more concerned with current (when he 
wrote it) British heraldic practice, doesn't always give dates for WHEN 
a coat of arms was approved or used (or drawn, since drawings change 
over the generations), and a lot of the stuff in there has been shown 
by later research to be post-period practice. You have to take what he 
says with a grain of salt, and verify it with SCA-approved scholars.
He also goes off on his own tangent in a few places. His list of things 
he considers ordinaries and sub-ordinaries, for instance, is broader 
than even the modern British college agrees with.

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WOW! Coolness!

Thinking about working on a device? This is the book to snag!

- zubeydah

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Ain't the internet grand!
An SCA staple in Heraldic design and display is the book by Fox-Davies 
Handbook to English Heraldry' and it's now online for free download.
Check out Google Books at:

Cheers, Hillary

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