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>* sigh * I hate to miss it, but I have been fighting the flu. . . and I 
>don't want to spread it. . .hope to see everyone at Wiesenfeuer Baronial ! 
>Zuzu, can you send me an update on scribal offlist?
> Renault

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Naw, I'll do it on list, in hopes of luring out other interested scribal 
parties! :)    *nudge nudge nudge*

Last night, we finalized our selections of 'inspiration' pieces.  Dani (Lady 
Danielle de Marseilles, Apprentice to Master Cassius Leapus) is really 
inspiring and encouraging everyone to push themselves out of their working 
comfort zones - not only in complexity, but in size, too. (I know the A&S 
piece I'm doing is a heckofalot more complex than anything else I've tried 
to do!!)   Here's the list from memory, so forgive the fuzziness (not quite 
awake yet):

Dani is doing rapier - inspired by The Black Hours. It's a stunning piece, 
and I kept asking her, 'Are you SURE??" She kept grinning.
I'm doing A&S - inspired by a middle eastern / asian piece, and Drighton - 
inspired by an early period English piece
Rene is doing Bardic, drawing inspiration from a couple different places, 
and Thrown Weapons - which will be Celtic inspired.
Keeley is going to try her hand at the Archery scroll - which will be 
inspired by the Visconti Hours
Dervilla O'Shannon is tackling the Castellan scroll - which will have 
elements from Les Grand Heures de Jean, Duc de Berry.

I'll also be doing one original invitiation (inspiration as yet 
undetermined) for Their Royal Majesties, and 2 'masters' for the Youth & 
Children's awards:  One for the Castellans and one for the other Youth & 
Children awards.  Aderyn has offered to help paint some of these, but we 
definiately will need more volunteers. :)

So: Last night was Planning. next week, we take our first steps on Design 
and sketching out the works.

- Zubeydah

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