[Northkeep] Donations for Waterbearing

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Thu Apr 9 08:56:59 PDT 2009

If you would be interested in supplying specific items for waterbearing, 
there's a number of canned/dry goods items that would be welcome. These can be 
turned in at any populace or fighter practice between now and Castellan. Items 

- Pickles : Vlasic tend to be the nicest, flavor wise.
- Olives : Believe it or not, the Jumbo size from WalMart has gotten great 
feedback. Easy to eat, good flavor.  Green olives are also welcome. 
- Pineapple : Any variety
- Dry roasted nuts : Sams Club has a huge container for only $6.00.
- Pretzels
- Wooden Skewers
- Bleach (clorox, please..)
- Sport Top bottles of water. Any brand.
- Gallon jugs of water. Sometimes Will Rogers' water tastes nasty.
- Gatorade Sport Drink Mix: NOT clear flavors, NOT red flavors. Orange and 
Lemon Lime tend to be most popular. 

With much thanks in advance,


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