[Northkeep] attack of the mystery beavers !!!

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
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see that sounds just like the creative bunch of missile people commonly 
present at northkeeps ranges = )
the barony should be proud !!!
( i know i am ; )
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> Such praise! I must tell the whole story.
>  The mystery beavers are a small group of Northkeep archers. There was 
> Bulls Eye Sam, Dead Eye Cian, Kindly Jason, Strong Armed Adilade, and Hang 
> In There Robin. It was the biggest tree on the missile range that died and 
> blew over against two other trees. Five archers turned lumberjacks, three 
> chain saws, and an ax looked liked six shadows and a cloud of dust. From 
> the deafening roar of the saws a mighty cracking noise bellowed out, the 
> whole tree shifted, Robin flew out of the whirlwind running, stumbling, 
> tumbling in a panic like he had been whacked by a heavy weapons fighter. 
> He jumped up realizing he wasn't dead and Hang In There Robin ran back 
> into the whirlwind with his brave fellow archers. In the end we all felt 
> beaten, but the truth was the mighty tree lay in pieces neatly stacked out 
> of the way. Some pieces were cut for new thrown weapons targets, some were 
> cut to sit on. Then the archers dug deep down inside and found the 
> strength to shoot until dark. the end!
>  Hang In There Robin
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>>Subject: [Northkeep] attack of the mystery beavers !!!
>>a very big thank you to the mystery beavers !!!!!!!
>>i left for work this morning and returned after dark , a large tree that 
>>was threatening to be a safety hazard on the archery range , in that time 
>>, a number unknown of mystery beaver came and devoured the problem . 
>>stacked the remains out of the way , and left ...... no note, no call , 
>>even my neighbor , didnt know anything of the sort was going on !!
>>do i know some really kool people or what !!!
>>so whomever you are my mystery beavers , again ,thank you !!!
>>northkeep missile people rock !!!
>>( as soon as i get some propane, the venison is on me = )
>>( well , not really, it will be on a platter , so you can eat it  , after 
>>i finish grilling it ; )
>>Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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