[Northkeep] Saturday's demo and resource assistance

Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 21 06:49:31 PDT 2009

    Greetings!  Many thanks to Maria who chatted with me during Saturday's demo and rescued me from the rain.  As promised, here is the source for the Compleat Anachronist monograph on garb I was telling you about.  Here is how to find it:

    Go to the main SCA website (just Google SCA).  Look on the left to Directory Assistance.  Towards the bottom you will see SCA Marketplace/Stock Clerk.  Click on that and it will take you to the list of SCA publications on sale.  Click on Compleat Anachronist.  This will take you to a full listing of all the monographs on a vast variety of subjects.  The one I was talking about I thought you might find useful (I did) is on page 6.  It is titled Northern European Women's Garb, stock#CA0059 at $4.50.  This and the others can be ordered directly from the site.  These monographs are an invaluable resource for history, how-to info on making garb and a host of other things.  I'm sure you will find many of these useful, I certainly have over the years.
    Thanks again for your rescue and companionship.  If there is anything else I can help with let me know.  Just hit "reply" and you're on!

                                                                                     Baroness Catrin ferch Gwilym


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