[Northkeep] School Demo a Success!

Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 30 15:18:34 PDT 2009

    I want to say what a blast it was seeing those kids' faces and the excitement they showed during the demo and the fighting.  It was wonderful to be part of it, SIGN ME UP for next year day and night!  My spine started to talk to me so Arthur & I left a little early, but it was invigorating and a very positive and happy experience.  By the way, lots of the kids produced pretty credible attempts at period garb and the castle models they made (there were a couple dozen of them) were fantastic.  Did you see the posters on the wall they made also with chivalric ideals on them?  Beautiful.  These kids have talent and energy to spare.  We will be the lucky ones if we wind up getting them as members.
    I'm so glad to have been a part of this.  School demos are great.  I'm on for next year or any other I can attend.  Thank you Montega for organizing this and everybody who was there ( I loved seeing the knitting, cording and weaving work of Adalia and Judy, just gorgeous).  And thanks especially to Arthur for going out of his way to get me there.  If you can't tell, I am still riding the blast of positive energy this gave me.  That's what's great about demos like this, you get back much more than what you give.


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I want to thank everyone who came out for the school demo. We really
made those kids happy.
Before I left the teacher told me how impressed with us they are and
already invited us back for next
Next year they will have a day AND night demo. They want to get the
parents in on it as well. So next April
I will be sending out info on both. This is a really great way to show
the kids and the parents what we are all

To those that came out, I can't thank you enough. The demo doesn't
exist unless people put in an effort and you guys really did!


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