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I believe, your grace, that while Rhode island was established by religious "dissenters" who had been forced to forced to flee, and in the case of the Quakers, evicted from, the Massachusetts Bay colony, that was more to do with their not being allowed to practice their religions (the MBC being officially Congregationalist until the Revolution).  Many other of the colonies had official religions, others did not, and one might see that trying to bring all these differing versions of "the Truth" into line with one another under one state church would have been very tricky.

Even so, I do recall that in Virginia, in the 1600s, one of Talana's (although technically, I believe that would be one of Jennifer's) ancestors was barred from taking his elected seat in the House of Burgesses because he was the minister in  his community's Church.  So even in Virginia, ostensibly Church of England, there was (at times at least) separation of Church and State.


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> I am not sure what this is all about but I do know the ACLU worked very hard to get pentacles added to the official list of religious headstone the National cemetery at Arlington. I think their policy is everyone gets their symbols not doing away with them.
> The whole aim of separating church and state was to keep us from having one state religion. If I remember my US History it was Rhode Island's leadership that pushed for it. Mainly because the major leader of RI had suspicions that only he was "saved". The New England colonies so closely tied their politics to their church that only "saved" people would be politicians. The Leader of RI had gotten so upset about some of the people put in power he decide to separate the political  leadership of the colony from the Church and let everything just happen. 
> RI just would not join the US as long as there was any involvement of Church with state because they just didn't believe other people were good enough and refused to let them dictate their religion beliefs.
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