[Northkeep] The Crown has Spoken

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 17 07:40:07 PDT 2009

Well now that we have a decision on who will be next we have some work to do to finalize things around Northkeep to get it ready for the change.

1. Get Winter Kingdom date and Autocrats settled.
Apparently the weekend that we have Winter Kingdom set for the church/school is not available. There is an open weekend on the 18-20the that we might look at if the church has that as a possible date.

2. Castellan PED
The Seneschal and officers need to get together and work out what date they want to move Castellan to. My suggestion is a weekend in April but you will need to look out for conflicts with the Medfaire

3. Baronial Trailer Inventory
We should make this happen some time in the next three or four weekends.

4. Poles for new Pavilion
The new pavilion should be arriving any time now and it will need poles. The last pavilion's pole building took one afternoon.

5. New Thrones
Those with woodworking skills should get with Lucan and help get these things made as the sooner the better since it would be nice to have them for the investiture.

Anything else?


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