[Northkeep] Thank you and congrats

Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Mon Aug 17 12:59:56 PDT 2009

Hi guys,

Thank you to all the individuals who puts yourselves forward as 
candidates for the fourth Baron and Baroness of Northkeep, for 
volunteering to serve the barony and the dream. Each of you is well 
known for a long-standing history of service and leadership in our 
barony, our region, and our kingdom. Each of you would have made us 
proud as baron and baroness. I hope when the next time the offices 
become open, you will again consider serving our barony in this capacity.

Thank you to the barony for being Northkeep. I suspect in other 
baronies, selections of baron and baroness can be extremely contentious. 
I know ours will be a smooth transition because we are Northkeep. And I 
know that we will all continue to support the barony by holding offices, 
helping at practices, volunteering our homes and time, working events, 
serving the dream, and the many other things we do. Thank you Northkeep 
for being who you are.

Finally, congratulations to the future baron and baroness of Northkeep. 
I know you will do your best for us, which is all we can ask of you.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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