[Northkeep] ISO

Bethany Vann zubeydah at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 14:52:01 PDT 2009

Hey, all. This isn't an email account I keep track of any more, as I'm not
involved in the SCA at this point.
I turned over a copy of the full Electronic OP to the Web minister a while
back. (I don't know if Amadeo has had time to add the files to the official
Northkeep site or not.)  Since that time, my personal website servers have
been experiencing major problems and it's not likely they will be fixed any
time soon. I'm sorry for any inconvenience; the intent was always that the
pages go to the official barony site anyway.

Anyone needing to reach me can do so at bethany (dot) vann (at) gmail.com

Be well,


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