[Northkeep] Fiber Arts, Labor Day, Tent Poles?

Melissa VonAschen aylavonaschen at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 12:00:18 PDT 2009

Hey all,

The next Fiber Arts meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 7th, which is
also Labor Day.  For those not attending Gothic or the Heraldic & Scribal
Symposium, I propose we start early and do something slightly different for
Fiber Arts this time.  How early depends on what we want to do.  I'd be up
for having an A&S class of a related nature, or we could work on stuff while
watching movies, or we could just start a few hours early and get that much
more done.  My plan is to weave all day no matter what, so pretty much
anything that fits with that I'm good with.

Zahava had already mentioned the shop could be open for making tent poles as
early as 11am, with the possibility of a cookout or fighter practice later
on if anyone is interested.  Any thoughts on that from the
not-so-fiber-oriented crowd?

I'd like to try and work out some details in advance, possibly in time for
the plans to be submitted to the Saga tomorrow night, but if nothing else,
we'll have something figured out by Populace.


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