[Northkeep] Inflicting arts on the masses @ Valor Tourney (not the competition)

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Wed Aug 26 08:21:49 PDT 2009

>Subject: Open A&S Workshop at Valor!

Greetings all,

On Saturday September 5th, at the 30th Tournament of Valor, outside the
Laurel vigil of Baroness Gillian Wanderer, there  will be an A&S
workshop area. This will be similar to the Pennsic  Exhibition, the A&S
roadshow a number of us have put together at the war in recent years.

We encourage artisans to join us - bringing out period tools and
projects, and working on them where people can see them in progress, ask
questions, and perhaps even try their hand.

Over the  years we've often seen the results of the cool arts that folks
do in the solitude of their studios, basements, and garages.
Unfortunately, in too many 
Cases, all the rest of us get to see is the end result. This open
workshop is a great way to let people to see the processes involved in
some of these crafts, and perhaps encourage some to say "Hey! Maybe I
can actually do that!"

We've joked about this being an opportunity to "Inflict art upon the
masses" but if you think your art is cool, don't you want others to have
a chance to share in them?

The Pennsic  Exhibition, and other similar events have been a blast!
Won't you come out and join us?

Please feel free to  forward this to your local lists.

In Service,

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon

PS: If you think you'll be joining us, I'd appreciate  a 
heads up. But you'll be welcome even if you don't let 
me know. Its just so I don't worry that I'll be out there 
all alone. :)  


Your Excellency, all good Calontiri, and our honored guests:

This dovetails perfectly with the "other" A&S Roadshow to be held inside
the hall on Saturday.  At 10:00, Mistress Fionnuala, joined by other
laurels, will be available for consultation regarding A&S projects.  If
you have an A&S project you're working on and you have questions, bring
both your project and your questions!  If you have a project you
completed years ago, and you'd like feedback, bring it!  If you won
oodles of competitions with a finished piece, but you've got a nagging
concern, bring it!  If you have questions about entering Queen's Prize
with something you've just started researching, bring your notes!

This is *not* a competition.  No points will be awarded or docked for
how cool your doobus is or isn't.  The "interior" A&S roadshow was born
out of a (heated) discussion on the Calon list earlier this year
concerning the paucity of entries in competitions around the kingdom.
What can be done to increase the number of entries?  Inspire folks!  Get
them acquainted with Laurels and with other practitioners of the Arts
and Sciences!  Show gentles that A&S doesn't have to be scary!

So outside you'll be seeing folks working on projects--and inside you
can talk to folks about how to research projects, document them--and
kick competition butt with them.

In the nicest possible way, of course. 20

In service to Calontir,

Melisende de la Roche de Lionne

Baroness of Vatavia

If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood,
divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the
vast and endless sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupry

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