[Northkeep] Fiber Arts, Labor Day, Tent Poles?

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we'll talk.........................

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Yes, that line was too good to pass up...and the response to that is..."It 
very gently removes the pointy end of the needle from its finger...again." 

Mercedes - I would love to learn to sew - I actually can do semi-straight 
seam stitches...it's all the extra stuff (like necklines *shudder*) that 
make me crazy...it's a patience thing, I think.

Ayla - If you promise to treat me like the idiot blond stepchild (i.e. KISS 
sometimes confuses me when it comes to fibery things), I will be happy to 
learn anything you can teach me.

Thank you to all who responded...we'll talk, and hopefully I get to learn 
something new!


In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. They have never forgotten 
this. - Terry Pratchett

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