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Tina Michael tinabetta at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 10:47:15 PDT 2009

Sarran and I will be attending and I am sure we will be bringing something
but right now I do not know what. Once I do the shopping list I will let you
know or make it easier, tell me what you need and we will provide....

 Lady Augustina da San Germano

On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 11:33 PM, Kionna Peebles <kionnap1 at hotmail.com>wrote:

>                Greetings
> Northern Ansteorra!  I am going to be
> heading up Ansteorran waterbearing activities for Valor this coming
> weekend. Her
> Royal Highness Genevria has asked that we go all out, and show Vatavia what
> Ansteorran waterbearing is all about!  To
> accomplish this feat with all of the grandeur that Ansteorrans are
> accustomed
> to I’m going to need your help.  We know
> Ansteorrans do it better! (We are still talking about waterbearing … I
> think…
> )  Now we have to show Vatavia what
> Ansteorran hospitality entails!  I’m looking
> for donations of pickles, gator-aide (not red), oranges, grapes, fighter
> biscuits, and any other accoutrement’s people may like to bring.    Please
> send me an e-mail with what you can
> donate, so that I know what else we are going to need.
>                With
> the sun being such a dreadful enemy to those of us with pale skin, I find
> myself
> in need of a couple of tables and a pop up for use during this event.  If
> anyone has these available so that your
> waterbearers don’t burn to a crisp please e-mail me at
> kionnap1 at hotmail.com or
> call me at (405) 219-1424.
> Yours In Service,
> Lady Kheoniia Pskova
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