[Northkeep] Another Call for Aid

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 31 07:43:53 PDT 2009

This last weekend there were a few people from Northkeep who went and did a good thing.
Renee and Lauren
Damon and Ismet 

These good people were those who were able to help work on the Duke Jonathan and Duchess Willow house project. There are others who are there on a regular basis giving so much and they deserve no less thanks: Roz and Finn, Arthur, and Rory.

Right now the progress on the house has reached a point where the unskilled labor is almost done and what is left will require those who know what they are doing when it comes to carpentry and electrical. If you are such a person and can give just a few hours of your time it would be much appreciated. The work on the house has to be completed on or before Friday the 11th as they have to be out of their old house in Texas by the 12th. Although in North Tulsa the neighborhood is one that seems pleasant, and the house has a lot of potential especially its long hall and big backyard.

While working I was able to visit a short time with Duchess Willow and Duke Jonathan and you all have no idea how genuinely thankful they are of the efforts that people from here have put forth for them. With only a little more work that absolutely must be done before the house is ready now is your chance to step up. If you can give a few hours one afternoon or evening, or if you have a free day on the weekend you could go and work a little because it is the kind and generous thing to do...If you can be of any help please give HE Roz or Count Finn a call at 834-6621 OR 906-6656.


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