[Northkeep] Getting to chandler question

Rene Shepard reneshepard at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 31 10:06:36 PDT 2009

yea, Mercedes, you are absolutely right. I was actually preparing to send a missive out to my vendors about how to get there,  and it totally schized my brains that other people might not know how to get there. I think I may possibly have enough pull with Pat Ward to get something up on the site in the next 24, is that going to be enough time? What do the rest of you think?

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Hmmmm - I was just telling a woman at work about this and gave her the
website.  She's fairly new in town and doesn't really know where anything
is.  There is nothing to tell you where Chandler Park is on the website.  :(

Might be something they should add for next year.



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