[Northkeep] Tonight bring bead makeing stuff

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Wed Dec 2 11:46:51 PST 2009

If  you are coming to coming to fighter practice and want to make a bead necklace I will be bring my extra beads and what few tools I can find and some of my stuff for making embossing. Bring what you have and we will see if we can put together some Norse or Celtic necklaces. 
By the way Russia comes from Rus who came from Sweden. So Russian is Viking. If you are dressing up for Yule a necklace or two would be in character. 
Gentlemen remember a successful Viking is the one with more than one necklace. I remember the old days in the North with the Ravens. When Ivar Battleskald, and his brother Frea dressed for court they went and put on their gold.
I want the Rus to see how wealthy my brothers and sisters in Northkeep are.
Please bring tools if you have  them. pliers are really needed. I can't find my hole punch please bring one if you have it. I also can't find my books so if you have any books on Norse or Celtic jewelry please bring it. 
Duchess willow
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