[Northkeep] officers / hollidays

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Mon Dec 14 22:48:51 PST 2009


since this is december and we don't wish to interupt anyones holliday festivities , there will be no populace meeting in northkeep for dec.
however there will be a dec saga ... that means the chronicler really needs to get your reports soon , ummm , very soon even ; ) also, for any officer that wasn't at officers meeting tonight , if you know when your two year term of office is up , or if your planning to step down before that , when you plan on stepping down, please send that info to the chronicler in your reports as well so that we may work to fill all our offices in a timely fashion ; )
speaking of holliday festivities , please everyone , if you drink, drink responsibly , if you party most of the night , 
( whether you drank or not , people die from driving tired too )   dont drive,
we really don't want to lose anyone this holliday season , some of you we've known for years, some of you were just meeting , so to quote an old black and white tv show : )   y'all come back now , ya hear .

oh , and thanx to the jolly old fella that came and sat in the back of the meeting tonight !!
seemed a lot of happy people mingling about tonight after chatting with him = )

oh one last thing , if i seem old, bald, forgetfull, pudgy, cranky , senile ,slow, etc.
i officially have an excuse this week......... i turn 50 .....   8 (    
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun

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