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> From: "Sheryl/Arrabella" <thunderbella_arrabella at yahoo.com>
> Date: December 19, 2009 4:47:51 AM CST
> To: Wiesenfeuer at yahoogroups.com
> Subject: [Wiesenfeuer] Lost Pewter Bowl
> Reply-To: Wiesenfeuer at yahoogroups.com
> Okay so I am a complete idiot, I lost a pewter bowl with a grapevine  
> pattern at Coronation. I would really like to have it back since  
> it's part of a set (and they are expensive as all get out) If anyone  
> has found it please contact me and please cross post I know someone  
> found it out there.
> Thanks
> Arrabella the forgetful
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