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Here is information about Chinese history and culture classes being offered
at NSU in Broken Arrow.
The classes on Traditional Food and Gender Relations sound particularly
interesting.  Anyone with
interest in medieval China might find these classes enlightening.


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Subject: more information about Chinese classes at NSU BA

Here is more detail about the courses planned for the Spring at NSU BA.
All courses are taught by the visiting Chinese Professors who
are working with OKITEA (Oklahoma Institute for Teaching East Asia).
The Communication classes will help fulfill the Language Arts requirement
for English Education majors.

Educ 4811, Elem Education in China, Zap 1933 on March 5 and 6
(More information coming soon)

Comm 4631 Zap 2008  Traditional Food and Festivals of China  4/16-17

 No matter what the culture, festivals always relate to cheerful atmosphere
and delicious food.
Chinese people have various foods  for each festival, each kind of food
symbolizes a certain cultural meaning.
Let's feed our stomach and brain at the same time.

Comm 4631 Zap 2007  Parent-Child Communication in China     3/26-27
The traditional method of Chinese parents communication with their children
is to discipline, which was very different from the western style.
The difference reflects the filial idea of Confucianism; but along with the
influence of western culture and one-child policy,
this method is changing gradually, let's talk about the change in
parent-child communication in China.

>  Comm 4631 Zap 2006  Gender Relations in China
   The Book of Songs, The songs of Chu, DunHuang rock painting, Chinese
traditional poetry and foot binding are all related to/ full of the images
of the Chinese female. The gender relations in China are changeable. Dynasty
by dynasty, the female's subordinate role still has some subtle presence.
Let's learn more about it.




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