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willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Tue Dec 22 11:08:43 PST 2009

At this site you will find some good examples of Gothic belts. In the 12 Th and 13Th century a lot of attentions was given to belts and head gear. I once read an account of a Princess who was sent to her new home with belts with so many jewels on her belts that it was difficult for her to stand up.
In the Gothic period the simplify of the garment was made up for with the beauty of the belt.
It is possible that you early people might have things to trade to make Latter period  belts.By the way I have bunch of nice buckles that you could use as a start to a period belt.I went a little over board in shopping. I don't believe I will be doing much with them in the near future.I will bring them to trade day
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