[Northkeep] OT: Just a request for advice and direction not a solicitation.

Blak Hawk blakhawk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 07:36:24 PST 2009

To whom may show concern,

A couple of our fellow members of the SCA, require some assistance at
this time. Yes we are a (non)profit organization which "recreates the
middle ages as they should have been", thus the point which brings me
to you.
In Northkeep there is a couple who assisted heartily in the
development of this historical organization. They have need for
housing assistance. Their modest housing situation has been
complicated as has their life. The dear Lady of this couple must
travel from the Northern most part of our Kingdom to places much
further South so health issues which involve triple bypass surgery can
be undertaken.

The house which they own is extremely modest and in need of several
thousands of dollars of materials and hundreds of hours of labor to
make said space habitable and safe as a living environment for the
couple in their setting years. The dear sweet woman is currently in
Arlington Texas being prepared for triple bypass surgery happening
this week. They have contributed many things in their lifetime for Our
beloved Society. A few of their contributions include Historical
Education, Monarchical Leadership and contributions of time and effort
to see that the children and the generations of our future not forget
history and thereby be condemned to repeat it.

If you would give me some guidance towards a direction to acquire any
material, labor or financial assistance for the renovation project at
228 East Mohawk Blvd.Tulsa, OK 74106-2347 it would allow them to live
out the remainder of their days in comfort, peace and safety.

Those of us that are already involved are feeling the financial crunch
of the economy. Social Security benefits only go so far. Unemployment
gives us the time to be available to offer assistance in the form of
labor, but does not supply the funds necessary to continue this
project when even the simplest materials such as wood for shelves,
wall hangers, and sturdy cardboard boxes can not be afforded.

Is there anything you can do or a resource you can think of that could
provide for this project and benefit these wonderful people?

With earnest,

BlakHawk with the assistance of Pooky

"I Am A Defect In Search Of Character"

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