[Northkeep] Pooky's Apology

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek pookyloves at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 19:22:49 PST 2009

Thank you big bunches Montega for letting me know how my messages have
been perceived!

I would like to thank everyone for permitting me to use something
called band-width to reach the people I have met in the SCA.

My intent was never to be intimidating. My intent was to portray the
direness of the situation. I think I have failed Willow and Jon in
regard to trying to get the word out. It was not Willow and Jon's
intent to ask for help or to make people feel obligated to assist
them. Upon my recommendation and with much cajoling they permitted me
to act upon my idea and see if people could be found to lend their
assistance. Again, it was my impetus that caused the disruption to
this forum and got in the way of SCA business.

I want to convey my sincerest apologies for inadvertently intimidating
and obliging anyone. I believe my words were poorly chosen and failed
to convey my intent which was to convey the direness of the situation
and the desperateness of need that could be helped with assistance. I
really need a third party proof reader to check my scribblings before
I going public with my words.

Montega, thank you very much for your thoughts and suggestions! I
respect you very much and even more now that you were kind enough to
be the person to step up and tell me how my words are perceived. You
are very kind and I soOo totally love you!

I think I know which people would join a yahoo group so I will contact
them personally. I am devoting my facebook page @ Pukhta Pooky Lovvek
to this endeavor. Anyone who wishes to contact me, please do the email
thing or the best way is to call 918-781-9652. (please put my # in
your sacred space so you'll be sure to have it, in case you need my

Thank you, everyone, for your tolerance,

I would like to suggest that those interested in the Willow and Jon
effort form a Yahoo group of their own. This way anyone wanting to
help can join. These emails can be intimidating and also seem
obligatory to a newcomer. It will also allow our forum here to get
back to SCA business. Just a thought.



Respect your creation, love me and be then healed. A grand plan done
in a simple way.
-- Pookspeare

"My religion is the kindness and generosity of unconditional love."
– His Pookiness the Dalai Poohka

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