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Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Tue Dec 29 07:33:13 PST 2009

Since I managed to forget the link to the website I will send this again.  


Greetings one and all.  I would like to invite everyone to the Barony of 
Northkeep's Winterkingdom event coming up on the 6th of February.  The annual 
event of wonderful classes and education will be held at the Bernsen Community 
center in downtown Tulsa Oklahoma.  A map with directions is available on the 
website.  A wonderful feast will be provided the evening of the event and should 
not be missed by anyone.  
There are a few things to note about this site however.  There will be no food 
allowed at the class site.  This is a site rule and one we can't work around 
unfortunately.    We do however have a second site close by were we will hold 
our feast.  Also we will be working up a list of restaurants close to the site.  
Now for the important part.  Winterkingdom needs YOU!  To be a teaching event we 
need teachers.  A link to the class request is also on the site or you can 
contact me at this address.  I need to know what the class title is, a short 
description, cost if any, and if there is a limit on the number of students.  
Thanks to everyone and looking forward to seeing everyone there.  I will post 
this to other lists when I get home from work since I don't have my address list 
with me here at work. Please feel free to cross post this to any lists 
HE Ainar Magnusson 
Co-Event Steward Winterkingdom 21 
ainarm at cox.net 
918-810-0821 no calls after 10PM please

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