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Will Feast be available for purchase at the gate or is available through ACEPS only?


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Hi everybody...
Sorry for the delay but the schedule is pretty much set now. Some activities may seem to be open ended with no real stopping point. That's not really the case. It just depends on how many people are wanting to participate in those
activities. Thank you for your patience!

9am: Site Opens

1000: Armor/Huntsman Inspection
A&S Set Up
MOC Activities Begins

1100: Sideboard for Donations Opens
Toy Tourney/Huntsman Shoot Begins

1200: A&S Judging Begins

100: Sideboard for Donations Closes
Youth Boffer

200: Bardic Begins

300: Herald's Consultation Table Opens
A&S Judging Ends/Pick Up

400/430: MOC Activities End

500: Herald Consultation Table Closes
Hall Opens
Table Decor/Subtlety/Banner Contest Set Up

600/630: Feast
Table Decor/Subtlety/Banner Judging Begins

700/730: Court Begins

900/930: Clean Up

10pm: Site Closes
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