[Northkeep] Yule Schedule (feast/acceps)

Shanna Ward camberbabe at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 1 15:05:38 PST 2009

Will Feast be available for purchase at the gate or is available through ACEPS only?
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Ian (and anyone else wondering)... Feast will be available at gate if you don't go thru Acceps.  We simply are not doing phone in or email reservations.  You may pre-pay or pay at the gate.  
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My apologies, 
The time to pre-reserve through ACCEPS has already ended.  I am so sorry to have misguided you all in this matter.  HOWEVER, to my knowledge, we have not sold out and feast should still be available for purchase at the gate.  

In humble service,
Ly Shanna
aka.... she who doesn't check her notes before posting   : (

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