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the pic = 
the story, one of my favorite memories of william blackfox was from 1988 
when he helped produce me in court for my aoa .
seems the crown had been trying to give me an aoa for like 3 events, but 
since i wasnt much on court at the time, and i had heard that the king was 
looking for me.
so , being my barbarian self ; ) i normaly hid during court , not wishing 
the king to find me
( ok , so i had images of an angry king ordering me beheaded if he ever 
found me )

with that background , i add that i had started winning  unofficial thrown 
weapons and archery even back then
( unofficial because archery and thrown weapons at that time were not " 
official sca activities " , no rules, no marshals, drinking on the range, 
etc. )
and i had won a spear, hand made from tarl of wolfstar , ( which i carried 
untill recently , and gave it to a deserving knight ) but did i mention that 
the king on the throne was also from wolfstar ??

anyway, her i am hiding in in the shade , when up comes blackfox , now, i 
liked blackfox , so thought nothing of it as he aproached me, smiled, picked 
up my spear , said nice spear , then smiled again, and turned around and 
headed off across the site, i'm like, william give me back my spear , uriah 
will skin me if i lose it , he laughed and said i could have it back in just 
a moment , as he kept walking , not wishing to harm him all i could do was 
follow and wheedle him, untill suddenly he stopped , and i'm like kool, can 
i have my spear back now ?? and as i reached for my spear , i was suddenly 
surrounded by all these big guys in white belts , ( yep , you got it , 
visions of blackmoons head on a pike outside the gate ) who closed ranks 
around me , and like a roman formation , marched to a door,opened a path to 
the door, and said " thats the way out " i'm like , uumm , ok......
so i opened the door, and went inside, when my eyes adjusted , i'm like 10 
feet from the thrones , and everyone including the royals are looking at me 
i turned around to run back out the door, and there stands william with a 
big smile on his face , saying go on in their waiting on you ..... i thought 
i was gonna die...
when i bowed before their magesties, i never took my eyes off the king , 
thinking  i might still escape if he reached for his sword . which worked 
just fine till they said , " kneel " at that point i knew i couldn't escape 
even if he did grab a sword, so i settled in to hear what he was gonna say 
boy was i surprised when they started reading the aoa scroll = )

so , the only reason i have an aoa , is because blackfox knew i would follow 
the spear ; )

for those of you who never had the pleasure of knowing william blackfox, he 
was an amazing man , tallented in many fields , and he could always see the 
funny side of anything . i've been a manic depressive most of my life, but 
to be honest, i firmly believe that no one could be near blackfox for more 
than a few min.and still be depressed , william blackfox was just that kind 
of person , i miss him still : (

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> I'd like to propose a little game, using the photos on the Baronial Flickr 
> account.
> I'm putting out a challenge to all Northkeepers, past and present, who 
> were playing when the photos were taken: select a photo and tell a story 
> about the person or event depicted.  I'm waxing seriously nostalgic just 
> looking at them, and I think some of the newer members might like to hear 
> stories of Northkeep and Ansteorran history from those of us who were 
> there.  You do not have to have actually attended the event in question, 
> and the same photo can be used by more than one person.
> I'll start, with this image: 
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/northkeep_barony/4164782767/
> (Some of you have heard this before.  It's one of my favorites.)
> The gentleman in blue is Baron Korwyn.  I was not at this particular 
> event, held in October of 1981 (I was a student in Bryn Gwlad at the 
> time), but I chose this picture because Baron Korwyn was one of several 
> persons who played a large part in shaping my early SCA years.
> My story took place at my first kingdom-level event was the previous June: 
> Crown Tourney, won by Sir Finn Kelly O'Donnel (who lived in Tulsa at the 
> time, and was our first northern Crown).  I had been in the SCA all of 
> five months, possessed one dress and a pewter mug, and could pack 
> everything I needed for an event in a rolled-up sleeping bag.
> To this event there also went from our group a cadre of young men known 
> collectively as "The Boys."  Master Beorthlic is the last of them still 
> active, as far as I know.  One of The Boys, Eamon, was a page to Baron 
> Korwyn.
> Also to this event there went an Other Young Man, whose name I have 
> forgotten, though he played a great part in the tale.  For you see, The 
> Boys, this Other Young Man, and I were sitting around in the early 
> evening, getting ready for court.  Eamon was donning a new doublet of 
> burgundy velvet (made from his mother's old drapes, as I recall), which 
> laced up the back.  Since I had the nimblest fingers in the group, I was 
> helping him with the fastening, and so had my hands full of lacing cord. 
> The Other Young Man and I were bantering back and forth, when out of the 
> blue he escalated the exchange and called me a "slimy wench."
> All conversation came to a halt.  I froze, still holding the lacing 
> strings, and was deciding whether to offer a rejoinder or smack him, when 
> suddenly the strings ripped out of my hands as Eamon launched himself at 
> the Other Young Man and bore him to the ground and commenced to wrestle 
> mightily with him, kicking up a cloud of June-dry red Oklahoma dirt.
> Two thoughts ran through my head: 1) "I was going to do that!" and 2) 
> "He's ruining his brand new doublet!"
> At that moment, Baron Korwyn came out of his tent, saw his page behaving 
> in a less than seemly manner, and demanded to know what was happening. 
> Eamon, who by that point had the Other Young Man pinned and was sitting on 
> his chest, announced that the varlet (his exact word) had called me a 
> "slimy wench."
> By "lady," I realized with astonishment, he meant me.  ME.
> Baron Korwyn nodded and said "We'll have him drawn and quartered, dip the 
> pieces in pitch, and use them to light her way to the privy tonight."
> And with hearing those words, the SCA won me as a full convert.
> I had been raised to fight my own battles, be it with words or weapons. 
> I'd never before had anyone be gallant or chivalrous on my behalf.  The 
> moment left me speechless, but I felt like a queen for the rest of the 
> event.
> Over the following years, Korwyn gave me crash space when I attended 
> Namron events.  He entertained me with stories.  When my car was 
> vandalized, he helped me scrub egg off it at two in the morning.  He was a 
> court herald who could crack a side-splitting joke while remaining 
> absolutely deadpan.  I remember a tourney where, between rounds, he and 
> Pepin de Moronis stripped to the waist and wrestled for the crowd's 
> amusement.  He was a sight to behold on the listfield, and fairly oozed 
> panache - he once had "weepers" run out keeining and crying to carry his 
> body off when he lost a bout.  The "weepers," I might add, were all young 
> women.
> A few years after I first met him, the Crown bestowed upon him the white 
> baldric.  Master Korwyn now resides in another kingdom, and that is 
> Ansteorra's loss.
> OK, who will take up the challenge and give us another story based on a 
> photo?  (You've got 24 hours, then I'm submitting another one.)
> In servicio,
> Talana
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