[Northkeep] Bummed Out Belt

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Wed Dec 16 17:57:12 PST 2009

I do hope that some of our decorative leather experts who have hands on
experience with this type reply to you.  Being a curious (okay, nosy!)
type I googled "painting on leather".  There were a number of "hits" and 
not all of them agreed on acrylic paints.  Some declared it just couldn't
be done for belts or anything that would be "flexed", others declared they
do it successfully all the time and include their directions.  It does
seem that pre-prep of the leather is key to making it work.  *I had a
friend who worked for Tandy many years ago...her boss chewed her out for
telling a customer "she didn't know" how to do something.  She was supposed
to "wing it" on her replies.  She didn't stay with them very long!

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