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i am just getting back into leather work as projects have required , but in 
the past , " super sheen " has worked well over what used to be called 
covadye paints , i had heard that they had changed something along with the 
name change. so i don't know if it will still work or not.
also, yes it will crack, but that never used to be a real problem unless the 
paint was caked on to the leather, ( no yours did not look caked on )
as i suggested tonight, you might try borrowing a blow dryer , or a heat gun 
, or even setting it near a dry heat source for a while and testing it from 
time to time.
ive never used the tan cote, but the reaction it appears to be having with 
the paint , makes me think it may take extra long to cure, or set.

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> We've all seen colored leather, but I think the majority of that is 
> analine dye.
> Cova colors are waterbased, and I've never seen any clear coat that I'd 
> trust on it.
> You may be able to do it with a water-based clear coat by spraying it on 
> in very thin layers (just a sprinkling in the first few coats and let it 
> completely dry between coats).  This works with lacquers and oil based 
> paints, but I've never done it with Cova colors.  You'd have a clear coat 
> in a spay can, and you'd have to build it up thick enough to resist wear, 
> but it might work.
> Normally, I'd include a caveat about trying it out on a scrap piece first, 
> but I don't see how it would matter in this case.
> I'm sorry to hear that you lost so much of your artwork and effort.  I 
> hope this helps--it's the only thing I can think of to do.
> Masamune
> ---- Cheryl Kiel <azuredecodragon at yahoo.com> wrote:
> You've got every right to be pissed on this.  I'd be screaming my head 
> off.  I'm afraid leather isn't something I've worked with but I have 
> messed with acrylic's.  It's a water based paint & if it's running then 
> it's washable.  The gummy mess is going to be a pain but it should come 
> off.  Be patient & gentle.  See what you can get off with just water & 
> gentle wiping.  One of the leather workers on here has to know some kind 
> of leather soap or some such that you can try as well.  I've tried to use 
> acrylic's on a couple leather pieces & it's always cracked on me. 
> Patience dear, there's gotta be a way to do this, we've all seen colored 
> leather.
> Tamberlin
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>    Well, folks, I'm pretty bummed out here and I hope someone out there 
> can advise me.  I embarked a couple of months ago on a project--hand 
> painting a wide leather belt in Celtic knotwork and zoomorphic figures.  I 
> went to Tandy Leather and talked to one of their personnel who directed me 
> to the acrylic paints and something called Tan-Kote Protective Finish.  I 
> explained to the guy what I wanted to do and bought what he told me to 
> buy.  The only thing he told me to do was to dilute the paint when I used 
> it, but didn't say why.
>    Well, I planned my design and started to work.  Diluting the paint made 
> it too difficult to get bold color and using full strength gave me what I 
> wanted.  Even so, it took several coats on the inner design to get the 
> coverage and strong line I needed for the design to show properly.
>    Finally, this Monday I finished it and if I do say so myself, it turned 
> out great.  The colors were great, the design showed beautifully...then I 
> put the sealant on.
>    To my horror, it made the colors of the paint run, especially the blue. 
> It bled on the yellow badly and suddenly it looked like hell.  I had to 
> repaint another coat on the yellow to clean it up.  Then, today, having 
> had 2 days to dry, I checked it out and wiped away dust with a damp cloth. 
> To my further horror, the colors still ran (which they hadn't done before 
> I put on the Tan-Kote) and became sticky.
>    I called Tandy and the woman told me that I shouldn't have used the 
> paint full strength and it would certainly crack when bent.  She said 
> diluting it makes it sink into the leather and apparently bond somehow, 
> which I was never told.  I said I told the guy what I wanted to do and 
> this was not explained to me and how do I get bold colors watering down 
> the paint.  She said "Use a brighter color."  Really?  What's brighter 
> than red and blue?  She also told me the Tan-Kote was for unpainted areas 
> and the acrylics are self-sealing.  Really?  I wasn't told that at the 
> time, and there *are* no unpainted areas?
>    She was pretty much useless, and I pretty much feel ripped off, as well 
> as heartsick that 2 months of work apparently have gone for naught but 
> ruination.  I don't dare wear the thing as it is, for it surely will stain 
> the garb I wear it with because of the Tan-Kote ruining the seal of the 
> Cova acrylics.
>    Does anyone have any knowledge of how I can seal the thing so at least 
> as not to ruin the garb I planned to wear it with, at least until it 
> cracks and goes to hell?  I feel kind of sick about this since it seemed 
> to turn out so well and I bought leather to make more belts which I now 
> don't dare to do.
>    I know in the greater scheme of things this is not a big deal, but it 
> feels like a bummer to me.  I'm really ticked at Tandy and inclined never 
> to give them my business in the future.  I hope someone can tell me how to 
> seal this thing so at least it doesn't damage my garb at least.  Thanks 
> for the space to vent.
> Catrin, cranky
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