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Leather dye.....E.C.Leather on 6th a block or two west of Utica, open tuesdays through Fridays.  Use the old belt as a template for your new one because I cant think of a single thing to save what youve already done.  You could try saddle soap but I am dubious of the results.  

I also use Leather sheen to cover my dyes (which doesnt crack).....And thorvald has a good idea....the only dye I wont use is white...it takes about 30 coats and never really works right.  If the areas are fairly small, use that cheap model paint for your white.  For an example of the dyes, you can get most of the heraldic colors (yellow will freak you out, it doesnt look right in the bottle or going on but the chemicals react to make the leather turn yellow).  If you are patient and use fine brushes without putting a ton of dye on, you can get pretty good line control.  At this point, you have the option of cleaning the old belt and redoing it or starting on a new piece.  As a wise friend told me recently about jacking up while weaving, "yarn is cheap, if you dont like it, cut it off the loom and start over".  Yes, leather is not cheap but your time trying to strip it may be more valuable yet.


Karl T.


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> You've got every right to be pissed on this. I'd be screaming my head off. I'm afraid leather isn't something I've worked with but I have messed with acrylic's. It's a water based paint & if it's running then it's washable. The gummy mess is going to be a pain but it should come off. Be patient & gentle. See what you can get off with just water & gentle wiping. One of the leather workers on here has to know some kind of leather soap or some such that you can try as well. I've tried to use acrylic's on a couple leather pieces & it's always cracked on me. Patience dear, there's gotta be a way to do this, we've all seen colored leather.
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