[Northkeep] Trade Day?

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I am sure that Arthur can help, I just want to make sure that people could sell items and not require us to get some kind of permit? Really it is a private auction of sorts.


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We were  waiting on the Seneschal I think to figure out the legality of 
this endeavor  since this is in Tulsa we did not want to break any laws that 
might require us  to get a permit for a garage sale or anything like 
that...but personally I do  not see a problem with selling items.

The idea was simply to give  people an opportunity to get rid of items from 
their homes they may not want  or need any longer, and possibly to find 
that something special among their  friends items that they did  need.


Certainly, we don't want to do anything illegal.
We just have a lot of stuff that we no longer have
any use for - leather, garb, amber, fabric, trim,
weapons (live steel), "stuff", and more stuff.
We are considering the big A-frame tent as well
(no end supports).

It would be nice for people to actually see it, rather
than me sending pictures.  But if it is not legal, or
otherwise not ok, that is fine.

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