[Northkeep] Trade Day?

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it is my understanding that if the sales occur as part of an official sca 
function anyone selling , must have a tax id number , and collect city 
,state and federal taxes.
as applicable .
however if all that is officially happening is a fighter practice, there are 
no official sales activities going on we are not required to collect taxes 
on sales we know nothing about .
announcing that we were going to be selling things at practice would require 
us to have merchant info collected on everyone selling anything.
so if people were to show up at an sca function ( fighter practice ) and 
announce " I'm selling all my old stuff " we would be required to collect 
taxes .
on the other hand if people  said " hummm, on g & g day, next month I'm 
going to bring all the stuff thats been falling out of my closet for people 
to look at "
then what ever arrangements the possessors came to would be between them, 
and not part of an sca function.

I know its nit picking, but its the difference between a private garage sale 
, and the flea market .
I don't have a problem with a portion of the table area being used to 
display personal items people no longer need ,as long as the vfw is ok with 
I would have to change this position if people were to want to use the 
fighter practices as a crafts sale or a re-sale opportunity. which it is not 
also I would prefer that in order to prevent pushing any of the bureaucratic 
buttons for the city, we don't hold these house cleaning viewings any more 
than twice a year .... unless we wanted to move them to someones yard  , 
like in the spring, and summer months .
does that help ?

happy holidays !!
no matter what your religious , personal , or ethnic preferences , may you 
know peace , happiness and joy this season ,
and may you all have full bellies,
warm feet ,
and someone special to share it all with  = )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> Diarmaid and I have given stuff away at Populace a couple of times.  The 
> "garage sale" of stuff he is thinking of was at the Crown Tourney 
> Northkeep hosted back in 2003. The only times I sold stuff at 
> populace(that I recall) were fundraisers for the Herald's office.
> I know Mistress Caitrin has occasionally done clothing sales at Populace, 
> and there's never been a problem with her doing so.
> I remember the Tulsa World's Action Line once printing that you have to 
> have a sales permit only if you hold more than four garage sales per year. 
> I went crawling through the World's singularly unhelpful search engine and 
> could only find that, at least as recently as 2003, it was not necessary 
> in Tulsa to have a permit in order to have a garage sale.  Nor could I 
> find anything else online regarding Tulsa's ordinances on the subject.
> As far as I can tell, selling stuff at GNG shouldn't be a problem.
> Talana
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>> Subject: Re: [Northkeep] Trade Day?
>> It seems to me that at times Talana and I have not only given things 
>> away, but we have also sold things
>> at Populace in the past. I don't recall -- what was the ruling on that?
>> M/D
>> > Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:28:26 -0800
>> > From: j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
>> > I am sure that Arthur can help, I just want to make sure that people 
>> > could sell items
>> >and not require us to get some kind of permit? Really it is a private 
>> >auction of sorts.
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