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Tue Dec 29 05:20:19 PST 2009

I would like to suggest that those interested in the Willow and Jon
effort form a Yahoo group of their own. This way anyone wanting to
help can join. These emails can be intimidating and also seem
obligatory to a newcomer. It will also allow our forum here to get
back to SCA business. Just a thought.



On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 9:42 PM, Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovvek
<pookyloves at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Tomorrow Tuesday before it snows again, I will be helping at Willow
> and Jon's starting around 10am.
> If you could help too that would be great!
> If you can show up at: 228 East Mohawk Blvd. Tulsa, OK 74106-2347 it
> sure would mean a lot.
> My Gratitude, Respect and Love,
> Pooky
> I am forwarding this with permission and hope:
> *
> Gentles:
> I made my first trip in several weeks to Jon and Willow's today.  Finn
> has been there @ least 5-6 days each week - progress is slow.  I did a
> very jaundiced eye survey today and see that much progress can be made
> with the aquisition of the following inexpensive items.
> 1) Wall hanging expandable coat/hat racks - plastic is fine - I mean
> the ones that look like a series of 'X" shapes - these are for
> coronets, necklaces, wreaths, etc.  I think they are available at any
> of the Dollar Stores.
> 2) Flat boards for shelving - these will be used to place Willow's
> fabric and trim in neat order in her workroom.
> 3)  Along those lines, any of you that have leftover cardboard bolt
> forms that used to hold fabric - we can really use those - also spools
> for trim.
> 4)  Fighters:  gentlemen I need 3 armor stands to hold a helm, arm
> gear, body gear, leg gear in an upright and display position. (That's
> three to cover all of each)  I am not sure that I need three in toto,
> but I know that I require 2 at minimum.  These are to display the
> Duke's various pieces of armour and will probably be part of the
> "great Hall" of the house.  They don't have to be fancy, but if you
> wanted to carve any Celtic knotwork on the arms, legs, or torso, I am
> sure that Msts. Talana and Msts. Catrin can provide you with any
> number of designs (and of course we would expect you to sign your
> work).  By "Great Hall" I mean a room that is, at best 10' x 20' with
> one decent window.
> 5) I need decent boxes in which to organize all of Willow's craft
> gear.  These include but are not limited to paints, brushes, glues,
> paper, metal lengths, jewelery findings and glass stones,  pre-made
> bits and pieces, - If you have the means, fishing tackle boxes
> (plastic/two layer) are excellent for this purpose.  I have a P-Touch
> labeller to mark everything - never leave home without it.  It will
> also be used to label the material/trim shelves.  Willow also has a
> number of tools that could be mounted on a peg board and labelled.  If
> someone would like to help with this project please let me know.
> 6)  Needed:  file organizing materials and someone willing to wade
> into the mess with me.  I have a number of filing/hanging folders with
> which to organize Willow's research.  She has (I think) enough filing
> cabinets for this to happen - but I need someone with a trap mind to
> go through - recognize duplicates, put them together and label the
> whole damned thing.  This womman has more info than any of us could
> hope to gather in a lifetime, buit we have a problem.  We may ask her
> for guidance but you must stick to your purpose or else it's down the
> yellow brick road.  If you have the guts to say (Well, that's nice but
> what we really need to know is...) and stick to it, then welcome
> aboard.
> To finish:  a time line:
> Willow's surgery will occur on Dec. 30 and all going well she will
> spend 2+ weeks in the hospital in Dallas.  We need to make this house
> as usable as possible.  I know you have great events coming up and
> that they take a great amount of time out of your mundane lives.  But
> this is the only life Willow and Jon have left - you may not respect
> me or Finn because we are dinos - you may find this a fruitless
> endevor - shortly, it may happen to you.  I was Nord Aus Das Strom,
> the beginning and the ending - those who remember, will remember who
> we were and truly who we are.  We leave no one behind - help us; help
> us save the beginning so there will be no ending.
> With respect to you all - Roselynde d'Angleterre
> *
> (My apologies for not personalizing these emails to each group
> individually, especially towards Mooneschadowe) - Pook
> Respect your creation, love me and be then healed. A grand plan done
> in a simple way.
> -- Pookspeare
> "My religion is the kindness and generosity of unconditional love."
> – His Pookiness the Dalai Poohka
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