[Northkeep] roving practice this weekend .

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Wed Feb 4 16:40:21 PST 2009


it was pointed out to me today that several of the northkeep archers may not have heard that this weekend , sunday  feb 8th will kick off this years roving practices .

our first roving practice shall be to wiesenfeuer , at camp dakani . royal rounds , possibly ikacs .
word is that namron will once more join in the spirit of travel and spreading the gospel of archery ; )
and be there as well.

heard rumors of their starting at noon , but am hoping someone there will verify  .

sunday , feb 8 , 2009 , noon till ??  rr? ikac ?

also this will be the  finalizing of several details for the june archery event , be fore we go " public " 

be safe, be happy, have fun

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