[Northkeep] Pickup Trucks... at bit off topic, but Gulf is sort of involved...

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 5 13:27:21 PST 2009

First, let me say sorry for the bandwidth-- if you are uninterested in reading about my vehicular transportation issues just hit delete now. I won't be offended, I promise.

Okay, so let me lay out the situation and then see if anyone out there has a suggestion...
I now own a 1990 Ford F150 and a 1991 Ford F150. They are both extended cabs, both have the same engine, though one is a standard and the other is an automatic. The standard has a very strong engine, but it needs an alternator, the body is beat to hell, and someone tried to steal it so it needs a steering column. The auto one has a great body, a so-so engine, and no left turn signals (not the flasher, it's the wiring I think).

I'd really like to have an extended cab pickup truck that is reliable enough to be trusted to take us to Gulf Wars cause with Ayla and both boys and the big tent, the Jetta is going to be way overloaded and I'd rather not just throw away $500 on renting a minivan.

I'm trying to fiure out if it is worth it to sink the cash into getting one of these dudes fixed or if I should punt and see if I can find a good running pickup in the $3500 or less range (and take my chances with it not being as good as I'd hope it to be).

Any suggestions out there? A good, HONEST mechanic's shop that works on domestic trucks? Know of some old uncle of yours that's got a 10 year old truck he's driven to the hardware store 6 times that he'd like to sell?

Let's not bother the rest of the list with this-- just email me directly.

Thanks guys...

Miri (Zahava)

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