[Northkeep] Armoring and Sewing at Camp DaKaNi - TOMORROW

Centurion Orion centurionorion at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 15:33:50 PST 2009

This weekend, Feb 7th (Saturday) starting at 11am, Centurion D'Alder and I
are running an Armoring and fighter practice at Camp DaKaNi. The workshop
will be open, we will have a nice open area to fight and we *WILL* have an
authorizing marshal there - thank you Sir Cassius!

Up at the Nature Center, there will be a sewing day being held so bring your
sewing machines and extension cords. I had also heard a rumor that there was
going to be some sort of a material swap so bring your extra material and
see what you can work out!

Centurion Orion
Centurion D'Alder

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