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Fri Feb 20 13:43:36 PST 2009

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If you are interested in buying or selling SCA usable items and tired of
eBay charging you for it. I have created a FREE auction site just for us. It
does not require a credit card or any other garbage to join/sell/buy.
Payment methods available for Sellers are Check, Money Order or Paypal and
is the sellers responsibility to advertise what they accept on their items.

This auction site is moderated and feedback options are available to both
buyer and seller. For now terms and conditions for this site include: Buyer
and Seller accept all liability of items purchased and sold on this site.
Sellers agree to sell only SCA and related items on this site. Sellers
selling items other than SCA related goods and services will have their
items removed and may be banned from this site.

This site is in no way associated with SCA Inc.

Please check the terms and conditions often as I'm certain the lawyers out
there will help me change them.

My hope is to see SCA items available to SCA people.

Please feel free to cross post this message.

Happy bidding,



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