[Northkeep] [mooneschadowe] Over the Border War Maneuvers!!!

Manners, Tabitha tabitha.manners at okstate.edu
Thu Feb 5 09:23:02 PST 2009

Also, I think it would be wonderful if our children could come out and bring their boffer armor and weapons and have a little fun.  I know my daughter will be bringing hers and swinging at a tree if there is no one there to fight.  If there are any Adult Youth Combat Marshals who would be willing to hold a more formal/official practice, that would also be good to know.  I am still trying to get some paperwork straightened out/replaced for my card.
Additionally, If we have any authorizing youth marshals who are going to be at this practice on Feb.22, please let me know.  My daughter will be turning 10 on the 25th and her card will therefore expire at that time.  __,_._,___
I also think it would be a good idea for parents to get together if they have children going to Gulf War who want to fight in the boffer activities there.  They have some different rules and policies this year than they did last year (the rule set is a lot clearer now).  Sharing tips on where to find proper armor elements and sharing past experiences could be very helpful I think.

Lady Liliana
Province of Mooneschadowe

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