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I have already submitted the paperwork through Sir Angus, via Thorvald, for gulf war but haven't received any confirmation or other info yet. I am a grad student at OSU Stillwater. Tamara R. Britton, ID # 11346213. I can be reached at 918-504-6510 anytime. 
Since today is the cutoff day, I don't know if I contacted you in time or if you still have space left.
Tamara R. Britton
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This was forwarded to me by Charles Asbery of Mooneschadowe and he asked
that I pass it on. Please contact him at
greygunslinger at gmail.com for more information.

Centurion Orion

Good News,

The Medieval Studies Group of Oklahoma State University has been
approved to receive co-sponsorship from the Student Government
Association for Gulf Wars XVIII. Using a small portion of the Student
Activity Fee that we pay every semester, they have generously agreed
to cover the registration cost and a small gas stipend for our student
group to be able to attend this event. Please take note that in order
qualify for this benefit, you must be a student currently enrolled at
OSU Stillwater, OSU-OKC, or OSU-Tulsa.

In order to minimize paperwork, headaches, check writing from our
student account, and possible irreversible damage to our Treasurer's
sanity, I will need to register as many people as possible in a single
registration. As such, please do not fill out the Gulf Wars
registration individually. I will contact each person who applies to
get the needed information to fill out the ACCEPS form so that it will
be done as a group.

Those who have already pre-registered for Gulf Wars, you are still
eligible, but in addition to sending me an email, you will have to
provide me a copy of your ACCEPS Registration Confirmation to use as a
receipt and then wait patiently for the University to mail you an
individual check.

To apply, please send me an email. Be sure to include your name, phone
number (with best time to call), and student ID number. Deadline for
application is next Monday, February 9th, the date at which I will be
submitting the registration. Spaces are limited and it is on a first
come, first serve basis, so it is to your advantage to apply ASAP.

This opportunity was made possible by a few major factors within our
student group. Factors such as the important groundwork that Rhiannon
laid in place last year, an awesome student group treasurer like Genta
who can make hard paperwork seem simple, and a strong growing campus
presence with careful and highly deliberate PR work. All of this is
only possible due to the supportive and egalitarian nature of
Mooneschadowe. By placing motivation and altruism above age and
status, a mutual respect and trust is formed, allowing a thriving and
contributive young population to be used to the fullest of their
abilities. I look forward to seeing what else we are capable of
achieving in the future.

Looking forward to War always:
Charles Asbery
President, Medieval Studies Group
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