[Northkeep] Lost and found from wInterkingdom

Kenneth Smith ulfarnfinnson at yahoo.com
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Your in luck I have it at home.  I am always at practice so if you would want to pick it up there next wednesday.  If you need it sooner you can come out and get it.  
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Subject: [Northkeep] Lost and found from wInterkingdom

I feel just awful...

Does anybody have a list of items found after wInterkingdom. Specifically,
I am looking for a wooden scribal box with a broken catch on the front that
I had put all of my class paperwork in during the day. The last place I saw
it was with the rest of my equipage in the hall at the event. When it came
time to leave I was herding cats, read this as travelling with teenagers,
and thought we had everything. When we got home we were all tired and with
the lost door key debacle, a whole other story, I did not make sure things
were all put where they should go, and I haven't needed it since. I went to
the store the other day and bought a new catch for the lid and could not
find the box. I mean, it could be here... My mother has a bad habit of
putting stuff away where you can't find it for a month or two or six, she
thinks she's being tidy but she is really just OCD.

It would soothe my mind to know whether I lost it and have to replace it, or
whether is is just mislaid and can be found...


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