[Northkeep] Northern Regional Rapier War Practice Take 2

facon at cox.net facon at cox.net
Mon Feb 16 19:39:52 PST 2009

Please feel free to repost to any interested parties.  Also, I forgot that most lists will not accept attachments so any that would like the .jpg of the map and/or shield design please feel free to contact me and I will happily send it to you:
facon at cox.net

Greetings unto the Rapier Warriors of the Northern Region,
As previously announced!!!

At the behest of her majesty and the General of the Gulf War Rapier Armies, A Northern Regional Rapier War practice shall be held

Join us one and all for the Northern Regional Rapier War Practice on Saturday February 21st from 12pm to 6pm at the VFW in Grand Barony of Northkeep(see address and map below) .  All those of the northern region who plan to defend the sable star at Gulf War and those who will be guarding the home lands during the war are invited to join us.  There will authorizing marshals on site to assist those who are in need of authorization and renewal.  We will be practicing war maneuvers and discussing the tactics we will be using at Gulf Wars. 

Practice Shall be held at:
VFW Post 577 - Tulsa
1109 E 6th Street,  
Tulsa, OK  73102

I am requesting that those who plan to attend war attempt to construct a standard shield to be used by the Northern Region at Gulf War to be used at war.   There will be a limited number shields available to loan out, but those that can construct their own would be most helpful to ensure there are enough for all would  be  appreciated and would allow you some customization, attached to this email find pic of the shield specs and design. Thank you to all that are able to help with this endeavor.

Yours in Service,
Facon du Pray
Gulf War Captain to the Rapier Army of Ansteorra
Cadet to Don Malcolm of Loch Grey Mist


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