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Tue Jan 6 13:54:37 PST 2009

Games Day


A fun event to be
held the evening of January 10, 2008 3PMAll you need to play is 5.00 dollars, a snack, a chair and
an imagination. All proceeds go to the canton.  6 Frosty Acers, Shawnee, Oklahoma


Games available will
include: Period games, Monopoly, Risk, Uno, Card Games and various other board


There will also be 2
traditional style role playing hosted (all characters are pre-generated and
come with helpful guides for players who are unfamiliar with these games):


Dungeons and Dragons (edition 3.5): “The Kobold King of the Desolate

An adventure for up to 10 players,
where the pc’s must foil the plans of the evil Kobold King in a classic style
D&D dungeon crawl.



Paranoia (edition 2): “Operation Armageddon”


An adventure for up to 10 players,
where the pc’s must help friend computer by aiding in the destruction of a
meteor on a collision course with Alpha Complex. (While doing so the pc’s must
also survive the computer, other players, mutants, traitors and communists) This is the fine print, by
reading the fine print you are indicating that you do not trust friend computer,
the most likely reason for this is that you are a dirty, mutant, commie
traitor, please report to the nearest termination booth immediately.

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House of Cynrede Spîritus
Seneschal, Canton of Skorragardr
Nordsteorra, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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