[Northkeep] Central Regional Fighter Practice

dominic barranco wookiematsu at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 19:15:16 PST 2009

 Please forgive the cross posting.

Greetings to the populace of Ansteorra.

As I have recently been suckered into...uhm what i mean to say is....promoted to the position of Central Regional Knight Marshal and Melee commander, it is with great pleasure that I announce a Central Regional Fighter Practice.

On Saturday the 14 of February, the lovely Barony of Elfsea will host a day of fighting and fun, at BSA Camp Leroy Schuman, Lake Worth, Texas.

We are planning on doing run-throughs of all war point scenarios, authorizations, rules review ( cause things are changing greatly this year), there will be archery, and combat archery, Light weapons folk we didnt forget you but i still need an authorizing marshal, and there's a couple of the siege folk wanting to bring there toys...the more the merrier.  All are welcome.

I have planned no after party for this get together, being it is Valentines day and I would never want to be the cause of the ladies on the kingdom killing all of us a month before Gulf War.

More info can be found here http://ravensholm.com/warpractice.aspx .

As a side note and on a personal level.  As this practice is on Valentine's day, it also happens to be my birthday.  So in keeping with a tradition started by HG Mahdi at Lilies War, and to help knock the rust off, I will fight 37 fights plus the pinch, best two out of three...challenger picks weapons...first come, first to get served...lets see who spanks who.

For the glory of the Blackstar

Centurion Damon Xanthus


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